Licensed, bonded and insured.




Surveillance to monitor and document activities of claimant /subject. 

Employment History 

With name, address and SS# of claimant/subject provided by you, we provide subject’s Employment History. Usually returns the last 5 to 10 years of on-the-books employment history and sometimes salary history with each job. Current employment may not show!

Credit Report

Name, address and SS# are needed. We return credit report and detailed explanation of each account in layman's terms.

Routine Sales/Service Check

You provide us with the names, DOB, and SS# of all employees that operate company vehicles (rented, leased, owned or reimbursed mileage) and/or  hold a company credit card and/or have purchasing power and we conduct six month or yearly (your preference) credit reports and DMV checks in an effort to prevent potential issues related to poor driving and credit history. 

Drug Testing

Negative results in 48 hours

Positive results in 4-7 days


Interviews with claimants, employers and witnesses, gathering details for claim investigations. Notarized/signed/recorded statements taken.

Accident Investigations

An accident scene investigation with photos, diagrams and measurements. Interviews with all parties involved, and all necessary record research.

Activity Checks

Pre-surveillance: Arrive at 6:00 a.m. and observe until 10:00 a.m. If the claimant is active, mobile surveillance is initiated. If there is no activity, a covert visit to the residence will be conducted to verify if claimant/subject is present. If possible, covert video will be secured for a positive ID and a minimum of three neighbors will be contacted to secure information in regard to the claimant/subject's activities. If the claimant is active, a call to the adjuster will be made ASAP.  

Alive and Well Checks

Face-to-Face contact with claimant to , update personal, medical, health and daily activity information. Secure photo of claimant/subject and residence.

Fraud and Abuse Control Information Search

Current and historical database of sanctions, exclusions, debarment's and disciplinary actions for all provider types at federal and state levels. This Service delivers critical, objective information on people, professionals and business entities that is used to make sound decisions about entering into a relationship with a provider of medical goods and/or services.

Service of Judicial Subpoena Duces Tecum

Service of Subpoena at a medical facility, doctor’s office, employer or any other facility for records.

Service of Judicial Subpoena

Service of Subpoena on an individual for testimony at trial or deposition.

Service of Summons & Complaint

Service of Summons & Complaint on an individual or any other entity. This fee is also standard for service of Motions, Citations, Notices or any other actions.

·        Reduced cost for more than one service at the same location.

·        Additional cost for EXPEDITED SERVICE. Service required within 24 hours.

·        Cost of out-of-state service varies.

Skip Trace:

You provide last known address and SS# and we find the current address and published telephone info if available.

Present Employment Locate:

You provide us with name, current address (must be current), and SS# of subject and we provide subject’s current place of employment. If we determine the subject is retired, deceased, or a full-time student, full price is charged for such confirmation. Turnaround time, between 2-14 business days.

DOB (Date of Birth):

You provide us with a name and address and we provide the full birth date of the subject.


You provide us with a name and last known address and the search returns the subjects SS# if one is on file.


SS# Master Death Index:

Check to see if that person has passed on, as well as other information.


 True SS# Verification:

You provide us with a name and SS#. The search verifies who the number is officially issued to, year of issue, and what state it was issued from.


Statewide Personal Dossier:

You provide us with the name, SS#, and address of a person and we  provide all public records for any links to the subject, including civil filings, corporation and limited partnership filings, judgment & liens, business licenses, tax liens, bankruptcy filings, DBA business filings, personal address verifier, professional licenses, UCC filings, real property records, vehicle ownership (when available), boat ownership, aircraft ownership, and SS# fraud check.


Reverse Real Property Search:

You provide us with an address, city and state, and we return the owner of the property as well as background information on the parcel.


Statewide Real Property:

Includes first 10 hits; Records for every state available.


National Real Property:

Give us a name; we search all 50 states, every county, first 10 hits included.


Education Verification:

You give us an individual’s name, DOB or SS# and college or university supposedly attended and we provide a report of the individual’s college record.


Professional Verification:

Verify professional licenses searches available in most states.


County Civil Searches:

Search provides civil suits, naming subject or company as either a defendant or plaintiff. All states available. Includes first 15 hits.


County Judgment and Liens:

Includes first 15 hits; Records for every county available.


Divorce Records:

Search provides data of divorce, including names, date of divorce decree, county filed in, etc. Not available in all states.


Marriage Records:

Search provides data of marriages, including names of the bride and groom, date of ceremony, county of ceremony, address information and DOB when available. Search only available in KY, GA, FL, NV, CT, and CA.


Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) filings:

Search by state. Includes first 20 hits.


State Tax Lien Search by State:

If you don’t need the comprehensive benefits of a national search, you can search by individual states for tax liens levied by the State or County. Includes first 10 hits.


National State Tax Lien Search:

One search for all 50 states to determine if any one of the states has levied a tax lien against the subject.  Includes first 10 hits. 


Statewide Bankruptcy:

All states available and filings include all personal or corporate bankruptcy chapters.


National Bankruptcy Search:

Search every state for filings to include all personal or corporate bankruptcy chapters.


National Federal Tax Lien:

One search covers all 50 states for tax liens in any one of the states by the Internal Revenue Service.  Includes first 10 hits.


Federal Tax Lien Search by State:

If you don’t need the comprehensive benefits of a national search, you can search by individual states for federal tax liens levied by the IRS. Includes first 10 hits.


U.S. District Court Civil (Federal Court):

All states, all districts available. First 6 hits included. Search by plaintiff or defendant.


 Secretary of State Incorporation Filings:

Search by company or officer(s) name. Search by state.


Secretary of State Limited Partnership:

Search by company, officer(s) name.  Statewide search.


Doing Business As (DBA) Filings: All states available.


Company Locater:

Locate a company in the United States with solely a name of a company and suspected

State or location. The search may provide the names of officers.


Corporation Background Search:

This search combines public record filings to provide a comprehensive look into the company’s financial solvency. The search includes civil suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcy, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings.


Dun & Bradstreet Market Identifier:

 A condensed report of D & B’s full corporate profile. Information returned on the company includes details on public and private companies in this county, providing: company name, D-U-N-S numbers, telephone and fax numbers, address, national ID, and normally the following information as well: executive names & titles, organizational status/company type, parent/headquarters information (where applicable), annual sales, year started, number of employees.


D & B Family Tree:

Trace corporate relationships with a parent corporation. This search divulges branch offices and all affiliated companies, including DBAs, as well as officers or corporate directors running each remote facility.


Business Credit Report:    

Required: Business name and address. Returned 3-6 days.


U.S. & International Patents Search:

Search covers from 1790 through current. Includes first 10 hits.


Securities Broker:

Search the National Association of Securities Brokers disciplinary filings and sanctions. Search by broker's name or name of firm.


FEIN search:

Federal Employee Identification Number.


Reverse FEIN search:

If all you have is the number, we provide the name of the company and address.


National Newspaper Search:

Search all major U.S. newspapers for info relating to your target(s). Includes over 750 regional and large daily newspapers. First 20 hits included.  All include full text of articles. 


PO Box Trace:

You give us the P.O. Box; we return name and address of Box holder.


PO Box History:

We trace back 3 to 5 years or more of a post office box to tell you the names of any subjects linked to using it.


Private Mailbox:

You provide address and box number of private mail box (PMB), such as Mailboxes Etc., and other private postal companies, and we will return the name and address of the user.


Reverse Private Mailbox:

You provide name and SS# of subject and we return box number of private mailbox (PMB), such as Mailboxes Etc., and other private postal companies.


Military Locate:

Current military address (when available), branch of service, pay grade code, gender, rank, and primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty Code), active service data, date assigned to current duty station, estimated date of separation and/or date separated for all U.S. military personnel in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy for all current military personnel or recent military members.


Driver License Records:

Prices and info vary by State.


Motor Vehicle Registrations by Plate Number:

Prices and info vary by State.


Motor Vehicle Registrations by Name and Address:

You give us a name and address of the subject and we tell you how many vehicles the individual owns. Info returned includes make, model, year of vehicle, and if the registration is valid or expired among other findings. Most states available.

Prices and info vary by State.


VIN Sweep:

If you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the state the vehicle is registered in, we will tell you the name, address, and other particulars about the car’s owner.  Most States. Prices and info vary by State.


FAA Aircraft:

Check national registration of all aircraft ownership.


National Boat Registrations:

Search for national registrations and ownership of vessels and boats in the US on file with the USCG.


International Terrorist Intelligence:

Report includes foreign nationals, busines and officials from foreign governments that the U.S. government intelligence community has pinpointed and labeled as international terrorist and financial benefactors of terrorism. These entities are blocked from entering the U.S., while it is also illegal for U.S. citizens and companies to conduct business with these tainted nationals.


Federal Criminal Search:

This search covers all federal criminal convictions in all 50 states. Military court convictions are not included in this search. Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search.


Statewide Criminal Search:

Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search.

Prices and info vary by State.


County Criminal Search:

Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search.

Prices and info vary by State.


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